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Cassette Tapes

Still rockin' your Walkman? Same here.

Everyone thought that the cassette tape was dead after the CD rolled onto the scene in the 90's, but UGHH is here to inform you that the cassette is still alive and well. In fact, the cassette tape has made a revival with mainstream audiences since the early 2000’s. Here at UGHH, we've been your one-stop shop for new cassettes, mixtapes, reissues  (think Blue in Green: The Break of Dawn), box sets (Larraji: All in One Peace), instrumentals, compilations, and even cassette singles. Like all of the music on UGHH, you can get cassettes in any genre you're looking for: hip hop, rap, old school, scratch, battle, breaks, electronic, funk, jazz, soul, and rock. Now that you found UGHH, you'll never have to wonder where you can buy cassette tapes again.
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