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CDS: for those of us who refuse to upgrade our car stereo.

When you think of the CD, you either remember them rolling onto the scene in the early 80's or you grew up with them. No matter your generation, you have a relationship with the compact disc. At UGHH, we've still got a thing for CDs, which is why you'll find a full selection of genres (hip hop & rap, old school, scratch/battle breaks, electronic, funk, jazz, soul, reggae, rock.) Even better, UGHH stocks up on acapellas (think Jay-Z's The Black Album), box sets, compilations, instrumentals, mix CDs, singles, even soundtracks. Soundtracks? Yup. We're talking Hamilton, Straight Outta Compton, The Get Down, even Black DynamiteShop our selection of CDs for the best options and best prices out there.
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