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Support the little guy. We've got better taste than that big guy, anyway.

Unlike those other "big websites" UGHH hand-selects every album on our “Just Added” list. And since we personally decide which artists get into UGHH’s online shop, you already know the selection is tailored to your taste in music. Not only do we keep track of the best new music releases and newest hip hop albums, but we know what’s up-and-coming before it hits the market, so you can pre-order that new album from your favorite old school artist or add something you’re hoping to get onto your wish list. Once new albums are released, we make sure you know through our newsletter or by sending you a notification. At UGHH, we’re in the business of finding you the hottest new albums and best digital downloads on the market without having to scroll through long pages of music you hate. Shop our “just added” section for new music and reissues. Plus, if there’s an album that you want that you don’t see on our page, just contact us so we can get it for you.
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