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We were those kids on the bus who everyone asked: “what are you listening to?”

Since our beginning, fans came to us asking where the best hip hop was, which is why we created UGHH’s Recommended page. You might be asking yourself, “what’s so special about your recommended list?” Simple: we have a big network of friends in the music business, so we know what’s hot before it’s hot; we find out when old school musicians are letting out a new releasewe even hand-pick which vinyl re-issues are hitting our online shelves. The reason people call us The Home of Underground Hip Hop is because we find the music that’s under your radar. Our recommendations are hand-selected and curated on the regular. On this list, you’ll find albums from every decade and every genre (at least every genre we have on the website… you won’t find country here.) Shop UGHH Recommended to find your next new favorite track or album. With our help, you’ll be the new kid everyone’s asking for recommendations.

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