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The CD tried to kill vinyl... look who's laughing now.

Vinyl seemed to go out of style in the 90's but made a resurgence in the late 2000's. Since then, vinyl records have been adopted by new musicians and new listeners. All this time, when music fans ask, "Where can I find my favorite albums on vinyl?" they end up at UGHH. Since 1997, Underground Hip Hop has brought the best vinyl LPs and EP to your turntables. Whether you're looking to add to your rap vinyl collection,  or are searching for some old-school B Boy records, UGHH's online vinyl store has you covered. And even though we love hip hop, we also understand that there are other genres out there, which is why we have Electronic, Funk/Jazz/Soul, Reggae, and Rock/Alternative vinyl records too. If you're a real fan of vinyl (maybe you’re a DJ), you need to check out our turntables, turntable parts, vinyl cleaning tools, slipmats, and record carrying cases for all your vinyl needs.

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