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About Us

Founded in 1997,™ is your one stop for select Hip Hop & related music, clothing and entertainment. UGHH™ is rooted in the spirit of the genre-defying DJ sets from which Hip Hop was born and brings a dynamic perspective to highlight quality Hip Hop artistry by juxtaposing the upcoming & the established, the mainstream & the obscure, the trendy & the classic and all of the diversity that defines the global culture of Hip Hop. With deep roots in Boston and beyond, UGHH™ is the home for a vibrant and resilient Hip Hop sub-culture who come together to share and experience this expressive art form.

Our Mission

Our mission is to select a thoughtful mix of product and entertainment representing an Underground aesthetic of originality, experimentation, and independence from the norm. The Underground aesthetic can only be seen after the surface has been scratched and as a community we all dig deeper into what Hip Hop means to us.

Dig beneath the surface, rise above the standard.™

Our History