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Thanks man, you have been great. I've shopped at UGHH for years and never had an issue with a single order.

-Matt Beaucage - Canada, 8/19/2017

Ya'll at are "what's happening". That's why I've been dealing with y'all for like more than 15 years, longer I'm sure. I am a longtime fan of ya'lls, thank you for existing.

-Dwaine Zanders - California, USA, 8/3/2017

I've been ordering records from UGHH for decades, and I could already say they had a good customer service department. But now, I can officially say this is the BEST customer service I have ever received. Adam took care of the hiccup quickly, and the communication was smooth and consistent. Not only does UGHH carry most of the records I'm looking for, but I will never hesitate to order here because on the rare occasion that there is an issue with anything, I know it'll be handled. Good customer service is very tough to find, and GREAT customer service does not exist...except here at UGHH. Thanks fellas!

-DJ Mekalek - New Hampshire, USA, 4/20/2017

I did get the vinyl… thanks for all of your hard work. You have amazing customer service skills. Keep up the good work and UGHH will never die.

-Matthew Colelli - Alaska, USA, 3/3/2017

I am very devoted and loving customer of what you guys have here at UGHH. You guys were the ones who introduced me to many of my multiple favorite artists and I really wanted to thank you for that. May you have a blessed rest of the year and the more that come your way!

-David Hernandez - California, USA, 2/3/2017

I just wanted to let you know that we are super excited to see the future of UGHH. I've been a member of the site for only a couple years now but it has been a big part of how I discover new and limited vinyl or just album releases in general. I've bought a handful of records from you and also just ordered RJT3 from you and it was shipped a day early. Super impressed with the service you guys bring to the market.

-Alexander Sarsfield - Canada, 1/14/2017

Mannnnn, you guys just get better and better. UGHH is the f**king truth to independent music! Thank you so much. As a supporter for 15 plus year, I’m so happy for you that you are back in full force. You are the illest of the underground.

-Brian Cahill - Pennsylvania, USA, 1/14/2017

You have a good soul Adam, I appreciate everything you've said beyond words, and I am soooo happy that UGHH is still in business and they have cats like you blessing its name. MUCH love & respect.

-William Antonio - Hawaii, USA, 1/12/2017

Thanks guys! I appreciate your quick response and resolution of my issue! As you can tell I have a long buying history with you guys for years and will continue to do so! Happy holidays and thanks again!

-David Gomez - New Jersey, USA, 12/16/2016

Man you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for that change. One of the best distributors around man UGHH. Thank you again.

-Richard Barcena - California, USA, 12/9/2016

I decided to order some more CDs. It's nice to see you still have a great customer service. As a loyal customer to your site for I think more than 10 years now, I really appreciate that. Thanks for keeping your store alive even though the sales of physical releases go down. We need people that still have the enthusiasm to do this for the love of the music!

-David Garthoff - Germany, 12/9/2016

As a regular customer of UGHH I can't give enough thanks to Adam (Founder), Aaron, and the entire UGHH staff whom all work hard everyday to keep their customers like myself happy. UGHH isn't just any music website, they specialize in unique vinyls, cd's, tapes, that you can't get anywhere else. Furthermore, if you have questions regarding an order, items for sale for example, you get great staff to answer your questions and not a robot like some other companies. They answer questions promptly and with awesome customer service above all. Thanks to all of UGHH staff for all the great customer service throughout the years I've been purchasing awesome items.

-Shawn Deslauriers - Canada, 12/1/2016

Awesome of you to find that missing item and add it back to the order. You guys have always been top notch in the customer service dept. One of the many reasons I keep shopping at UGHH. Happy Holidays Homey

-Jason Brumbelow - Colorado, USA, 11/30/2016

Great professional service! Received damaged warped records due to summer heat. UGHH customer service got back to me the very next day after I noticed them. Replacement came straight from manufacturer very quick. Great to have a company that cares about their customers and takes care of them!

-Gilbert Cisneros - Texas, USA, 10/10/2016

Great news! My package arrived and I'm super happy. Thanks for everything. I'll be doing another order in about 2 weeks (pay day spending yay!). Thanks again. Awesome customer service!

-Sylvia Wong - Australia, 10/4/2016

Hey, I really appreciate you and UGHH for always responding to me over these months. I have 100% trust and appreciation for your company. Thanks again.

-Christopher Jaime - New York, USA, 9/23/2016

The media you have for hip hoppers, my God thank you moses you blessed us. I stopped using Pandora and Spotify and utilize your radio stations to the fullest.

-Cameron Fell - Colorado, USA, 9/11/2016

Have to give you guys a giant thank you! Your websites sponsored posting of my video was the best move I ever made! That $$$ got me so much promotion & publicity, it was the best move I could of done for my music career, thank you so much for letting me have my video on your awesome site! Below is just a fraction of the music blog reviews I've received as of late (links removed)

-Shr00mz, 9/10/2016

Thanks so much for your email. Totally appreciate it. You won't believe it.... They arrived today!!! My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow. Just in the nick of time. Phew!! How cool is that?!! Can't wait to spin them. Awesome!!

-Annabel Jaunay - Australia, 9/8/2016

You guys are always gonna be one of my favorite online stores for selection and service. Mad respect!

-Joseph Schrader - Wisconsin, USA, 7/21/2016

Just wanted to let you know I received the replacement cover in perfect condition. I really appreciated your help with this as I like to keep all my collection in excellent shape. Thanks very much.

-Juniad Greenaway - Australia, 7/8/2016

Tremendous thanks for the effort and coming through with that Masta Ace CD. That's a good look for business. Just the fact that you suggested you would reach out to find out when you could get a hold of the album was enough, but to go beyond that and actually call me back within a couple of hours with the item says tons about your work ethic and the way you conduct your business. I am confident that you will retain your loyal customers and new ones on top of that for the duration of your business ventures and any other endeavors that you take on with those principles. Keep up the solid work and good things will trail you shortly behind. Once again, greatl appreciated what you do.

-Shawn Muraco - Massachusetts, USA, 6/30/2016

The long awaited day has arrived. After 10 years of faithful listening to your radio channels, I can now finally listen to them without manually having to click to hear the next song. Previously, Apple IOS would not, could not and did not play continuous music on UGHH radio. This has been the greatest day since the birth of my son......(lmao)......This has now been called "the re-birth."

-Tru-God, 6/15/2016

Just letting you know I received the correct hat today. I would like to thank you for excellent customer service. I realize this order caused a loss for your company but it's so very nice to deal with a company who didn't put the loss on the consumer. I will most definitely shop on your website again, and, also tell my family and friends to do business with you. You were pleasant and understanding, Today that's not very common. Thanks to you, the hat arrived in time for my brother's birthday, you Sir are something special. We need more like you. Take care and I will be back to UGHH to shop soon.

-Sonja Guinn - Texas, USA, 6/14/2016

"I have been with y'all for over 15 years and I respect what you''re doing for the culture of Hip Hop. I will continue to do business with and look forward to future purchases. Peace and love."

-Chris Belardi - Pennsylvania, USA, 3/31/2016

"Wow, that's awesome of you guys. I really appreciate that. I will definitely shop again with you guys. Thanks for the hard work!"

Daniel Perez - New York, USA, 2/24/2016

"Thanks! You guys have been great to do business with. Looking forward to getting the book."

-Aiman Barakat - Illinois, USA, 2/17/2016

"Perfect, thank you so much! Kudos to such great customer service UGHH!"

-Gina Fontan - Texas, USA, 1/21/2016

"Thanks again, always on point with the service for years, almost 15 years I've been ordering from UGHH and they never let me down. As far as hip hop goes, they are definitely the best online store for anything underground hip hop related and beyond."

-Scott Ferrone - Ohio, USA, 12/17/2015

"I got the package today. Thank you for the free CD!!! I'm excited to check this thing out! I really appreciate everything! Will keep showing my support on UGHH - thanks!"

-Victor Finnell - Colorado, USA, 12/17/2015

"I shop a lot online and I do not get that customer support from other companies. Keep up the good work!"

-Cory Stabel - Canada, 12/10/2015

"Thanks for your help. You guys are great with customer service/ quick shipments. Just want to let you know and to throw a kudos to everyone."

-Sheldon Tompkins - Washington, USA, 11/30/2015

"I know you're out here like me working on the morning of Thanksgiving - and that's why your business is one of the best. Grateful to you guys for all you offer."

-Michael Tolle (Founder of Mello Music Group), 11/27/2015

"This order is the best and the most complete I've placed in years. Always a pleasure to do business with you, you never disappoint. Much love and respect from Greece!"

-Georgios Kemetzis - Greece, 11/11/2015

"Wow. I appreciate that you're going that extra mile for your customers. Thanks a lot."

-Peter Herbst - Denmark, 10/28/2015

"Amazing service!!! I appreciate the accommodation and looking forward to spinning that vinyl!"

-Oregon Shearin - California, USA, 10/21/2015

"I don't know if it was intentional or not but I think the customer service has improved here. Every single time I ask to have my vinyl placed on the outside of the cover when I place my order it always happens like I request. I appreciate it and it makes me come back here to order more vinyl, more frequently. I just wanted to say thanks."

-Joey Unck - Washington, USA, 10/13/2015

"You are very welcome about the compliment on the support. I love your guys' website and customer support. Lately, I have been obsessing over building up a vinyl collection, and you definitely have the best hip-hop selection. I also really like how your website is structured and the passion you all have for what you sell."

-Matthew Rice - Colorado, USA, 10/8/2015

"Thank you guys at for being easy to work with."

-Sean Howton - Ohio, USA, 10/6/2015

"The replacement cover arrived this week. It is mint, and looks great. Thanks so much for the great customer service, taking the time on this, and shipping the replacement. I really appreciate it. I'll be back to the site very soon!"

-Andrew Muscarella - New York, USA, 10/4/2015

"You all are great over at UGHH!!! (Been a customer since '05, only online ordering that has not done me wrong)"

-Tony Gantt, Jr. - California, USA, 9/28/2015

"Thank you for the sincere response. It's refreshing to not have automated responses for consumer related issues :p I love what you guys are doing and really support UGHH."

-Miranda Ripka - Oregon, USA, 9/22/2015

"I received the replacement CD. Thank you very much for the professional manner you dealt with this. Much appreciated."

-Jermaine Honess - New York, USA, 9/20/2015

"My big thanks to you guys for all the attention y'all gave me on this order, really amazing customer service from UGHH."

-Jorge Luiz - Brazil, 9/18/2015

"Honestly, you guys have excellent customer service."

-Adnan Vandyck - New York, USA, 9/17/2015

"I never dealt with such a great company as UGHH. The prompt service is phenomenal. Thank you for my orders!"

-Michael Sears - Massachusetts, USA, 3/22/2015

"I received the replacement vinyl today. Track 4, as well as the previous tracks on Side A track perfectly. Thank you! I appreciate you sending a replacement copy, and not only will I not hesitate to purchase vinyl from you in the future, but I am also passing along your website to as many vinyl aficionados as I can think of. Thanks again!"

-Frederick Wolf - Washington, USA, 11/24/2014

"I wanted to say thanks for rectifying the issue with my order! I had ordered this set of 45s only to realize I had doubles of one of them, and was thus missing one of the other ones. That said, I got ahold of you all about it and you responded quickly, letting me know you'd track down a copy of the missing 45 from the supplier, and now contacting me again to let me know you got it and that you were sending it out. Long story short, I just wanted to say thanks for making this right - I very much appreciate it!"

-Ryan Grumberg - Illinois, USA, 10/15/2014

"As a first time customer of your website, I just wanted to say I'm very impressed with the speed in which you fulfilled my order and shipped it out. I ordered Sunday night and it was just delivered now (Thursday). Thank you for what you do and I look forward to ordering more stuff in the near future."

-Michael Abena - California, USA, 8/26/2014

"Goods arrived and all accounted with pleasure! Awesome promptness and I am positively happy with the purchase and good fitting apparels! Thanks for being attentive and I had an absolute joy unpacking!"

-Yenny Rubiana Sugeng - Singapore, 8/11/2014

""Thanks so much for my recent order. I have been a regular customer with you for years now and I just thought I'd let you know how grateful I am to you for your always quick dispatch (to London, UK) wide range of products and great website.""

-Theo Boyce - United Kingdom, 7/26/2014

"You guys really earned these five stars. I've spent between two and three stacks with UGHH over the years and I never had anything damaged during shipment. This time you guys really came through with some extra love. I ordered lifetime keepers for me to remain sealed: Two Blowout Comb LPs, Two Resurrection LPs, a deluxe Resurrection LP and a Midnight Marauders LP. They came double-boxed and in absolutely perfect condition. This was my most important order and I couldn't be more satisfied."

-Justin Fabre - Illinois, USA, 6/7/2014

"Thanks a lot, once again you guys are amazing with customer service. I will continue to be a happy loyal customer. Thanks again."

-Garrick Thrower - New York, USA, 1/4/2014

"I'd like to thank all you guys down at UGHH. I scored the sickest deals ever. I'm telling all my friends about you guys - keep up the awesome work!!!"

-Kurtis Lebleu-Jamieson - Canada, 12/2/2013

"I recently received an order from your company and I want to let you know how pleased I am with your service, pricing and promotions. I ordered a sweatshirt for my son and with it you GAVE me a CD and your sticker. Shipping was quick and the goodies are great and the sweatshirt is just awesome! Super value and I am thrilled....hard enough to figure out what to get my guys for Christmas but your company made it simple! Thanks."

-Linda DiMare - New Jersey, USA, 11/15/2013

"I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your site! You guys have everything that has anything to do with Hip Hop, and for a fair price! Thanks guys, keep up the good work!!!"

-Mark Jumelet - Netherlands, 7/3/2013

"For years now I have used your site to keep up with the underground scene, while at the same time your radio channels have done wonders in allowing me to discover material from the past. Just wanted to say thanks and encourage y’all to keep it up!"

-Anonymous, 4/29/2013

"I am deeply pleased with everything about the transaction. The price was great, delivery was prompt, the album packaged with care and in perfect condition, the fact that it included a tight "UGHH" sticker (which I cut and fitted around my cross-fader), and not least of all, this follow-up email. So, you got yourselves a who is constantly buying tons of wax online."

-Samuel Guzzardi - North Carolina, USA, 1/14/2013

"First time I bought a product from this store and I'm really surprised about the delivery time and quality, I'm 100% sure that I'll buy more in the future. Keep it up, really love your store!"

-Christopher Guimaraes - Portugal, 11/29/2012

"I thank you a lot for the unbelievably great service you provided. You estimated an average 7-14 days shipment to Denmark. It only took three days, from the day I placed the order, until I had the white Immortal Technique t-shirt, three days?!? Sickly great service, thanks! I've ordered PlayStation games from Sweden, with longer shipment time than three days, and this is a t-shirt from the USA, damn! 100 % satisfied customer!"

-Magnus Perz - Denmark, 10/24/2012

""I've been ordering for you guys for many years now, and nobody beats your customer service. I ordered a few things last Thursday with the regular shipping, and it's already here on Monday. I'll always be a customer.""

-Rory Konsevick - New Jersey, USA, 4/17/2012

"I've been ordering product from you guys for about 6 years, maybe longer. I just wanted to say that you guys always have the best customer service. I don't really buy music anywhere else online, I'm always reppin' UGHH. Thanks for the good service over the past years!"

-Serre Murphy - Oregon, USA, 3/5/2012

"My order arrived today and I'm totally satisfied! Thank you for the fast shipping, great products and outstanding customer service! Much luv from Germany."

-Matthias Durchdewald - Germany, 2/24/2012

"Wow, best fitting hat I have ever bought and I didn't even try it on :) And best t-shirt ever, speedy delivery was the icing on the cake! Thanks UGHH!"

-Dejan Nikolovski - Australia, 2/11/2012

"Just wanted to say that my vinyl arrived safely in South Africa and how frikkin happy I am that you guys had that particular vinyl as there was a scratch sample on there that I have been looking for since 1997. I am a Drum & Bass scratch DJ and am gonna tear things to pieces with this sample. Once again thanks a ton."

-Alon Fainstein - South Africa, 1/23/2012

"Yesterday, I received my goods I ordered from you. I am super happy - it was just like I expected them to be. Fast delivery even though I live in Sweden, really good price, and great customer service! I will certainly recommend you to other guys in this country."

-Andres Arvidsson - Sweden, 12/1/2011

"Just wanted to thank you for the great service. Five days for it to get to the UK is impressive, in fact I'm still waiting on ONE CD from ***.com that was ordered nearly a month ago to arrive. In that time, you've sent two seperate orders to me. Keep up the good work."

-Sean Hewett - United Kingdom, 10/13/2011

"I had ordered with your store last week for the first time and I already got my album in mail today. I think this is the first time I had a CD arriving from US to EU in about 3 days time. Much appreciation and a big thank you for the ultra fast shipping and great service at UGHH."

-Hans Dejonghe - Belgium, 9/15/2011

"I just wanted to leave feedback just so I can tell you guys everything I have ever bought from this store arrived on time and safely too. Your store is always a great alternative to whatever I cannot find in my area, which is quite a lot of titles. Thanks again and I will buy from you guys again in the future."

-Josh Lemperg - Canada, 7/22/2011

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service with this order. The shipping was fast and the records were well packaged. I have saved your website to my favorites and I will definitely be checking out the site and ordering from you again."

-Eun Ju Jung - South Korea, 7/21/2011

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service, I just received my order today (a couple days before the estimated delivery time, which is great!) with everything in perfect condition and with tracking it made it so much easier to see what's up with my order, I really liked that, you are the real deal! I already got another order coming and it definitely won't be the last!"

-Jonathan Martinez - California, USA, 6/16/2011

"This is my third time ordering stuff from you guys, and just wanted to say thanks for everything. You guys are always on point, and on time. You guys offer some pretty good deals, so I'll be looking forward on shopping with you guys again."

-Joseph Estores - California, USA, 6/16/2011

""Thank you so much for my delivery of the Roots t-shirt. The quality and look of it is perfect and reflects exactly what is seen on your website. I got this shirt for my Husband, and I'm sure he will love it, because I want one too! I will be shopping here again mos def! Thanks UGHH!""

-Krystal Jordan - Georgia, USA, 5/27/2011

"I just received the package today. Very fast shipping and I love the CD's and t-shirts. I will recommend to all the people I know! Thank you very much for good service and that you took the bother to reship my package."

-Sebastian Bru Mikkelsen - Norway, 5/26/2011

"Really surprised that I received my shipment already today! Placed my order last Thursday, you guys are doing a great job! I'm going to place another order today ;)"

-Daniel Schwarzboeck - Austria, 5/17/2011

"You guys are awesome. I've bought many items from you and you guys never let me down. I've told everyone I know about you. Keep on being amazing!!!"

-Lucas Sellars - Canada, 5/16/2011

"Just wanted to let you know that the shipment has arrived and I'm very pleased doing business with you. Products are awesome, they were packed well and the shipment was faster than expected. Thank you very much. Will talk good about you and will use your services again in future."

-Tuomas Nyyssonen - Finland, 4/28/2011

"Your staff at UGHH are very helpful and one of the best hip hop sites left especially for vinyl. You guys go out of your way to get as many releases as possible and that's what's up! It's to the point of going to Manhattan to go diggin' and the prices just keep inflating and they don't get too many new releases and limited releases usually the same ol' stuff that's already in our crates. The clothing you get is rare and dope too! Thanks for the great customer service and the relationship we built this is what hip hop can do!!!"

-Phil Santanello - New York, USA, 3/14/2011

"I'm listening to your instrumental radio channel all the time when I have to get things done. I grew up with hip hop and I’m still freestyling, so every time I hear those beats, i have to rap right away! They’re awesome, legendary and classy! I just wanted to say THANK YOU GUYS and keep up the good work and vibes :)"

-Stef Doerr - Germany, 2/11/2011

"I just wanted to say thanks for such a quick delivery on my New Era cap. I have been looking for UPLB Arizona Cockfighters cap for ages and you guys had one and delivered it all the way from Boston to Blackpool (UK) in under a week. That's 3106 miles in winter conditions. I'm so impressed I'm gonna order another cap right now :) Thanks for being awesome."

-Jonathan Stonehouse - United Kingdom, 12/8/2010

"Fast service, quality products! You sent my entire order and lots of gifts from Boston to Turkey in one week! You are really amazing guys. Wait for my other orders :) everyday all day!!"

-Gokhan Yilmaz - Turkey, 11/15/2010

"I just wanted to say thanks to UGHH for your prices and collection of music, I have suffered enough of the techno rap you find these nowadays. I have just started using your website after many rip-offs here is South Africa: for example the amount I paid for at least 10 CDs by you, would only have got me 4 CDs, if I'm lucky. I will definitely be using your online store from now on and hope to purchase many, many, many CDs before I tie the knot. The madam will not be so accommodating after the wedding!!"

-Sidwell Lusenga - South Africa, 11/10/2010

"Just wanted to let you guys know that it's nice to deal with an American based store that A) ships to Canada and B) ships for a reasonable price to Canada. You have an awesome selection and everything comes quickly - I shall return!"

-Daniel Mackle - Canada, 11/5/2010

"I got my order today. From US to Serbia in only four days - incredible - many thanks! T-shirts are soooo dope. Expect my next order really soon."

-Djordje Stojadinovic - Serbia, 11/4/2010

"Ordered two shirts from your site (with a FREE mixtape), the price was dope and it only took a lil' over a week to get from Boston all the way to Syn-City, Australia. Thank you so much, best believe I'm gonna drop my life savings on your website."

-Jay Garcia - Australia, 9/20/2010

"I just wanted to say you really went above and beyond to help me get my order in time. The Hip Hop flash drive was a huge hit - my client told me I was "already on second base" with cool toys like these! So, thank you very much!"

-Shari Bjorn - New York, USA, 7/22/2010

"I just bought 3 t-shirts (plus the free Best of Nas CD), they arrived in perfect condition three days before the estimated date. Tracking the order was easy, everything is fine! Thanks for the great service!"

-F-O Paquin - Canada, 5/28/2010

"Only three days from Boston to Bergamo (Italy)?... guys you are amazing!"

-Nicola Cazzaniga - Italy, 5/20/2010

""I would just like to send a short thank you to, I have ordered several different Items, and they have all arrived on good time and good condition.""

-Kyle Croswell - Canada, 3/26/2010

"I got my order all in good condition and thanks again. Great site and cool customer service. I'll be back to grab some more stuff soon! Keep up the good work!!!"

-David Ball - Australia, 3/12/2010

"I've received my order today (11th of March) with everything in it. No additional custom fee and everything is perfect. I'll spread the word about you guys. You just rock. Thank you."

-David Benatia - France, 3/11/2010

"I got my records and I was very impressed with everything. The shipping was great and the records were in mint condition. This was the first time ordering from you and will not be the last. Thank you!"

-Kelsy Norman - Canada, 2/17/2010

"… and STILL, the undisputed heavy weight champion of underground hip-hop... UNDERGROUNDHIPHOP.COM!!!! Many have tried, but all have failed....NO ONE, knocks out the champ, NO ONE."

-Mike Cristianni, 2/8/2010

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service with this order. The shipping was fast and the records were well packaged and immaculate as usual. You also happen to have the best hip hop retail website in the world with ***.com a very distant second!!! I hope the business continues to flourish as you guys deserve it."

-Andrew Campbell - United Kingdom, 2/3/2010

""Wanted to say a big thanks to you guys at UGHH. Been an overseas customer for a few good years now and you’re always showing the love with your free stuff and promos you send with the order. You guys are the don-mega and will definitely be placing another order soon.""

-Chaz Apted - United Kingdom, 1/19/2010

"I had to say how impressed I was with your company. I received my order this week and I was blown over by the speed of the delivery to the UK, the quality of the product and the fact that my order was very well packaged. I have saved your website to my favorites and I will definitely be checking out the site and ordering from you again."

-Neka Ekine - United Kingdom, 1/11/2010

"I couldn't be more pleased with your service, prices and overall professionalism. is the only place I'll buy my records online."

-Jeff Dring - New York, USA, 12/3/2009

"Thanks again for the impeccable service. Over the last 10 years or so I've placed many, many orders and not once has it ever been messed up. Ever!! Good going... Keep up the good work peoples. I love this site!! From the audio to the online store... to DJ Food Stamp's Welfare Radio thing! UGHH - Keeping real hip-hop alive since the early 98!!"

-Jamie McLennan - United Kingdom, 7/20/2009

"Thank you guys for all the sick merchandise, you are the only ones with the real underground taste of hip hop and all my shipments have made it on time if anything quicker than what I expected. Thank ya'll for the business take care and keep it strictly HIP HOP!!!"

-Dustin Carro - Largo, FL, 6/19/2009

"This website is the best thing that ever happened to the community of Underground Hip-Hop and its respected roots. Thanks for providing a well-organized site where people can stay focused on the music they love (UGHH)."

-Brian Wietecha, 4/17/2009

"I am e-mailing to say I love what you guys got going on here really makes me miss Boston. I moved back to St. Louis and I still only buy from I recently purchased the J. Dilla shining CD it has 12 tracks. That’s all I paid for and gave me a FREE J. Dilla mix CD with 33 tracks on it as well, stickers, etc. So i took it upon myself to write this e-mail!"

-Julian McClanahan - Saint Louis, MO, 4/11/2009

"You guys really have damn good service. I just placed my order and before i knew it there it is in my mailbox. And the selections you got the right name underground hip hop. You guys are what the games missing. Keep it up. Holla at you on payday."

-Husain Mayden - Chicago, IL, 3/3/2009

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent products. Being overseas I thought it would take a lot longer to receive my order. The packing was thoroughly organized and my order was exact. No doubt the best online purchase I have made in a while. I look forward to doing business with you again. Oh yeah the DJ Food Stamp mix CDs are killer!"

-Jeffrey Legrand - Military, 1/12/2009

"Been doing business with you for years now, but this time you out did yourself. I got a ring at my door on Sunday with someone handing me my order, not only do you send it out First Class so I got it by Christmas but you hooked me up with a Best Of 2007 CD and a new dope bubble sticker, if that`s your way of saying happy holidays then underground Santa is an ill cat in my books, lol, there are others out there but this is just one of the reasons I stay and plan on continuing to stay loyal in the future, always on top of your game!"

-Rafal Wroniewicz - Canada, 12/21/2008

"One of my employees told me about y'all when he found all the radio channels, I checked you out this morning and I'm impressed. Hip hop radio in Colorado is weak, so i was stoked to find all the dope stations. I was even happier to see that y'all sell wax. I've been lost since ***.com stopped selling 12". Thanks for supporting my lifestyle."

-Kevin Rawlings - Colorado, USA, 10/8/2008

"Just saying thanks on the items I received from you guys very happy with purchase. The Scifen tees, M.F. DOOM tee and Brooklyn Academy CD are dope! I'm from Australia and we dont have any of the stuff you guys have besides the odd underground CD. Also did not take long either - big ups UGHH!!!"

-Jamin Mills - Australia, 10/2/2008

"I made an order for goods for my brother for his birthday on the 17th & received it today. I just want to thank you very much for such a good service. Many thanks for the customs declaration too, I had no other costs to pay."

-Stephanie Bean - United Kingdom, 9/25/2008

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. Hands down for incredible speed and excellent customer service. Once again thanks for your business and I look forward to make more orders with you."

-Djordje Stojadinovic - Serbia, 9/18/2008

"I have been ordering from ***.com for years but I just had to quit as their orders took never less than a month to ship out, sometimes it didn't include all ordered items etc., so as it was my first order here I didn't know what to expect from, but I am certainly satisfied and will shop with you again."

-Ondrej Cabejsek - Czech Republic, 9/11/2008

"I just grabbed the package I was expecting from you guys that I ordered. Outf*ckinstanding! I ordered some sh*t from the store about a month ago as well. Keep up the good work. I just got back from Afganistan so I am not exactly up to date with the underground scene. Keep up the good work."

-Jason Boivin - New York, USA, 9/5/2008

"This is a big thanks for hooking me up with the extra request I asked for in my order. You guys always come with quality products, fast shipping and great customer service."

-Mark Zebrowski - Texas, USA, 8/4/2008

"I was truly impressed with the condition my order box arrived in, and then you hit me with the frills! The free stuff is cool, and the jams are in pristine condition too! I had to rock 'em straight out da box yo'...! Nice session too! Looks as if I was right to leave it in your capable hands, thanks again."

-James Grisby - Virginia, USA, 8/1/2008

"After a failed attempt to sell music online, I can truly appreciate what you guys have going! Great selection, reasonable prices, differing options for shipping, and above all... OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. It is because of this, I have been shopping here and have sent all my friends your way. Keep up the great work. DON'T GO DIGITAL!!!"

-Charles Chae - California, USA, 6/6/2008

"I came up on your website and i was thoroughly impressed. I looked up a few old songs to see if you carried them and you did (funky dividends, i got to have it- EDO.G). I was really impressed you all even carry divine styler, albeit the instrumentals, but not many know about him. i was raised by hip hop and have since then gone the route of working for the establishment but never forget what made me who i am today. Thank you for keeping the foundation strong."

-Armando, 6/1/2008

"You guys are the best!!! I just received my first ever order that I placed with your store, in excellent condition too. I ordered some music from another site 3 days before ordering from you guys and your package arrived FIRST!!! Thanks again for the timely delivery; you've just earned yourself a new dedicated customer."

-Merrill Kinlocke - Canada, 5/30/2008

"I wanted to comment on a purchase of some graffiti markers we bought from your web site. We are clear across the country, ordered on a Friday evening (on-line) and received our markers in less than 4 days which included the weekend. Thank you for the prompt processing and shipping of our order."

-Bonnie Stefanick - Colorado, USA, 4/11/2008

"I'm pleased with the convieniance and customer service. I'll continue to shop this site. I'd never bought anything online before the t-shirt and hoodie i ordered (and promptly recieved) a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to more buisness with your company."

-Zach Glenn - Oregon, USA, 4/10/2008

"Prior to ***.com changing their focus, I got all of my hip hop from them (partially because they always had so many cool bonus items). However, after their change in business model sent me your way, I realized just how important a solid order management system on the retailer side of things and how critical a solid customer service focus was to my having a good experience in working with an on-line retailer -- your order management is impeccable, and your guys have a 100% batting average when it comes to responding to my questions and concerns (which I want to be quick to say are few!). Nice job on putting together a tight organization, I feel confident sending a few hundred dollars of orders your way each month!"

-Van Green - Oregon, USA, 3/22/2008

"I just wanted to let you guys know I was very pleased with my recent order of DJ Rectangles Battle breaks... I ordered it 3 days ago and it' already here. It's hard to find any hip-hop here... so imagine my joy finding your I will have the tools for battle!"

-Jay Snider - Michigan, USA, 3/12/2008

"I live in a small town, so it's hard to find the music, clothing and art supplies... you have such a dope selection and it always ships sooner than i think... thanks."

-William Moyer - New Mexico, USA, 3/8/2008

"Just a quick line to say thanks for my order which you shipped over here to the UK. Most impressed with your set up/ service, will let my pals know about your site and look forward to ordering with you again."

-Bailey Harman - United Kingdom, 3/6/2008

"Thanks. You guys really are the best online retail site. I have always had such an easy and consistently positive experience buying from UGHH. I'm sure you can tell since I'm probably the only person in West Palm Beach, FL that spends like $100 a month on your site. It's hard as hell to find real hip hop heads down in South Florida. I dont think I could make it through the working day everyday without UGHH. Thank you for being my savior. UGHH is Hip Hop's Messiah."

-Devin Krauss - Floriday, USA, 2/29/2008

"Got my package today, just want to say thanks for this and it's not the last time I'm buying music from you guys.. awesome. You can't get this sh*t in Sweden, and man that Vinnie Paz sign on the Heavy Metal Kings 12" I bought got me surprised."

-Robin Petersson - Sweden, 12/21/2007

"I've been doing business with yall for more than 1.5 years by now, I'm a Ukrainian customer of yours and I am totally amazed by the service you guys provide. The shipment is real fast. Normally it takes 10 days to get my parcel from the other side of the globe which I'm pretty satisfied with. But once I received one of my parcels in just 5 days! That phenomenon is still hard to explain. But that's not the only thing I wanna thank you guys for. Most important of all is the message you spread. It's that good ol REAL HIP HOP missed by many. Every time I'm at ya home page I feel inspired which is important for me as a DJ that has been spinnin' hip hop in my country for about 12 years by now. Sometimes I lose my belief cause of the things going on with urban music over here and on a global scale. But you guys bring that belief back."

-Oleg Karpenko - Ukraine, 12/17/2007

"Thank you for being competent. I always get my purchases in a timely manner. Before I knew about your site, I had a very strong urge to hurt people at ***.com. So many times they would have me waiting for over a month to receive my music. They wouldn't even help me on the phone. I still hate them.You guys are great though. Keep doing it. I voted for you guys alot for that VH1 honor."

-Paul Oras - New Jersey, USA, 11/29/2007

"Just want to let you know you guys are supreme. I ordered some stuff from (*record label name removed*) and got a shirt I didn't even order cause I already had it. They just substituted it cause they were out of the one I ordered. Without even sending an email asking what I wanted in replace of it. Thought it was retarded. You Bostonians may be drunkards, but you know how to treat your customers. If you are out, you contact the customer and that is the way to operate, NO DOUBT. Big ups. Thanks for helping me add to my order. Kinda funny how a vendor overshadows a source. *** is lucky I'm a fan and still visit (*record label name removed*) website. I own 582 hip hop cd's as of last count, and a lot from you guys cause you dish common courtesy."

-Adrien Swanson - Washington, USA, 11/3/2007

"Man I came home Friday tired as hell from work.. Then I see my autographed copy of Eso's Egoclapper had arrived two days before I was expecting it. Thanks UGHH."

-Charles Robinson - Colorado, USA, 10/19/2007

"I have ordered from every "major underground" hip hop site and UGHH is the only one that treats people to such excellent communication/ customer service, and respect. It is a breath of fresh air. Don't plan on my orders with your company to stop anytime soon."

-Nathan Horodyski - Colorado, USA, 9/21/2007

"Really appreciate your help - this is third time I've ordered from yourselves, having used a certain other site for 7 or 8 years. The service I have received so far has been brilliant and the selection of CDs is great - I wish I had made the switch years ago."

-Brian Lehane - United Kingdom, 9/6/2007

" is the dopest website to get hip hop from ever. I have used other sites prior to finding and the service was never as good as you guys! Whenever I make orders I am never disappointed by the delivery time or the service I have received. Customer service has always been extremely helpful no matter what the request! Big ups and keep it moving."

-Rashaad Monteiro (Again!) - South Africa, 8/29/2007

"Just wanted y'all to know I came all the way from Texas to Beantown, and my first stop was UGHH (Retail Store). I couldn't have imagined it being any better. Vintage KRS-One was blasting in the background, the staff was ultra-cool and super helpful. I picked up some dope CD's and an ass-kicking Warriors-themed t-shirt - old school, y'all. Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. You have a customer for life!"

-Guido Carcerano - Texas, USA, 8/1/2007

"I have actually made a few orders this week and anticipate receiving them. I really appreciate good hip hop which is hard to find in stores locally in S.A. and since finding I have been in my element! I must give you guy’s props on the speedy delivery time and the prices I find are extremely cheap. When placing orders at our music stores they over charge way too much! I can find anything and everything I’m looking for on your site and when I say that is amazing, believe me! Most places only stock a certain or limited amount of real hip hop but you guys rock the spot. I have made an order from another site previously which I waited over a month to receive; I made my first order with you guys and got it within a week. Now that to me is the best service I have ever come across, ever! Big ups and respect."

-Rashaad Monteiro - South Africa, 6/6/2007

"I would like to thank you, I had never heard of you guys before and I got my CD's fairly quickly. I like how you give free stuff, it makes ordering a lot nicer. So thanks again. The autographs are dope!!!"

-Marcus Johnson - Alaska, USA, 5/18/2007

"Just received the 8 albums I ordered from you, must say I’m completely blown away by the speed and accuracy of your service man, difficult to get good vinyl in the UK, is like the 9th wonder of the world! Salma hayek being the 8th of course, you’re good but not that good!!! Anyway, thanks dudes, 'nuff respect!!!"

-Peter Salter (Again!) - United Kingdom, 5/15/2007

"Thank you for delivering my gear prompt and in good order... with SOME FREE SH*T!!! Always daunting trusting someone with your beloved vinyl but you dudes are on top of it, I’ve bookmarked you now and you'll hear from me soon, got a few items I’m waiting for you to get in... nuff respek!!!"

-Peter Salter - United Kingdom, 4/26/2007

"The biggest reason I love doing business with you is I am never disappointed. I received the package today and will not disappoint my son today for his birthday. Thanks again!!"

-Michele Jones - New Jersey, USA, 3/9/2007

"You guys did it again. Another order filled fast and correct as always. Keep up the good sh*t cause I live in Utah and there isn’t a CD store worth a f*ck for at least 100 miles."

-Sage Howes - Utah, USA, 2/25/2007

"May god bless you guys for this website. I’m so happy I can find my type of music through you guys. I’m willing to go to Boston to visit the store as a vacation. Peace to undergroundhiphop music for life."

-Larry aka Sympathy, 2/14/2007

"Just wanna say that I received the CDs all the way here in Australia and I am really impressed with your service and will definitely make more orders as soon as I get more cash. Thank you very much and continue your good work."

-Cesar Mora - Australia, 2/13/2007

"I wanted to tell you guys, you're one of my absolute favorite online shops. I dig the selection you guys come up with. I love the email newsletters. I can confidently recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks for being awesome."

-Ken Green - Oregon, USA, 2/8/2007

"Hey, I just want to let you guys know that your store is the sh*t. Keep up the good work on the web page. It’s easy to browse and this is the best store to buy hip hop records at!"

-Mike Reissy - Minnesota, USA, 2/3/2007

"My order arrived!!! Not only did my 12 vinyls arrive but they also arrived with half a dozen mix cds, stickers and posters... what more can I ask. On top of that, I got quick response to my queries via email. Look out for my next order - props UGHH!!!"

-Joseph Kattan - Australia, 1/22/2007

"Just to say cheers for my records. Your site is hella decent, I used to buy a lot from *** in Amsterdam but they are WAY overpriced and the service is very poor. Hope to keep on buying, money permitting! Thanks again."

-Vito Priore - United Kingdom, 1/19/2007

"I just wanted to say thank you for being the most enjoyable online buying experience ever. My purchases arrive on time and I love the fact that you offer free stuff with my purchases. Keep it up!"

-James Starr - Florida, USA, 1/5/2007

"Wow! I just received my latest package and realized something: for a little over $50 (including shipping!), I just got 7 CD's - thanks for the freebies, the great deals and the all-around excellent service. You are without a doubt the best hip hop dealer on-line. Just one request, please don't forget (like your competition has) what you makes you the best - the way you treat the customer - when you inevitably become the #1 ranked rap site on the net - that is if you haven't reached that status already."

-Jacob Fleming - Kansas, USA, 12/18/2006

"Got the order yesterday and I'm very happy! Thought I'd never ever get a copy of Snoop’s Doggystyle on vinyl but you did. Thanks a lot folks. See ya soon with more orders!!!"

-Stephen Ratcliffe - United Kingdom, 12/11/2006

"I appreciate your prompt responses. I would recommend your site to friends based on customer service - y'all have some of the best support I've seen in online retail."

-Ryan Stonecipher-Fisher - Georgia, USA, 12/4/2006

"I really appreciate your help and I'm glad to see that you guys take customer service so seriously. I've ordered from a couple different online sites to get my underground CDs, but when it comes down to it, your service is by far the best (especially in the customer service department). Thanks for helping with this order."

-Daniel Taylor - North Carolina, USA, 11/30/2006

"I ordered a dope ass M.F. DOOM hoodie from you guys, just wanted to say it's way better quality then I even expected and it got here mad quick. Nice work y'allz."

-Donna Johnson - Pennsylvania, USA, 11/7/2006

"Damn, thanks for the fast shipping. Great ass shirt, for sure be rocking it Friday night here. Thanks for coming through."

-Craig Fagerness - Minnesota, USA, 10/25/2006

"Just wanna say thanks for my CD’s arriving safely. I've ordered loads of CD’s from your store and been never let down once since they always arrive on time. And also thanks for the extra free CD’s - your selection of CD’s and what you have in the store is superb loads of choice. The international orders are so quick it's unreal. All the CD’s that came today were in good condition. If I have any problems with an order I e-mail you and you sort it out. I got ripped off from ***.com and never used them again. Just wanna say keep up the good work if you look after your customers like you do they will continue shopping at your store. is the best online store nobody can touch you guys - you are so far ahead of the competition. I look forward to shopping at your store in the near future."

-Faisal Mahmood - United Kingdom, 10/5/2006

"I got both orders a day early. I must say, that your site is hands down the smoothest operation to buy wax online period. Big ups and a sincere thank you again and again!!!"

-Ramon Cho - California, USA, 9/3/2006

"I received my CD today and I'd just like to give thanks. I started using your web site for about two years and I haven't bothered trying to get CD's from anywhere else. You guys are the best in the business. I'll never shop anywhere ever again, so keep up the good work. It's much appreciated!!!"

-Joshua Ricker - California, USA, 8/10/2006

"I'd been going to another site to get my hip hop - I admit that. I had no idea y'all existed; I thought this other site was the only game in town to get some of the indie joints, white labels, and mixtapes. Thing is, they'd always f*ck me. I'd get my order two months later. I'd be missing things with no explanation. I'd get mad, and swear I wouldn’t buy from them again. Someone suggested I holla at y'all. Not only did I get my sh*t, but I got an email about that my order shipped on time. Thank y'all for the selection, and for people who know how to keep customers coming back."

-Montroy Hunter - Illinois, USA, 7/23/2006

"T-shirt arrived today. Thanks a lot for the free mix CD, it's awesome. If everyone did business the way you guys do, this world would be a far better place."

-Jo Leen - Canada, 7/11/2006

"You guys have an excellent store, I wasn't expecting my shipment for another three days and when I got home from work, it was here already! I just want to say that you have a new customer for life."

-Toby Friese - Utah, USA, 7/10/2006

"I just wanted to let you know that you all at are awesome. I've been a customer for about three years and you've never disappointed me. I love the site, thanks for bringing the true hip hop that I love and much props to you guys."

-Kajji Cameron - Missouri, USA, 6/28/2006

"Just wanted to say how quickly I received my order. I was expecting it to take a few weeks as that's what usually happens when you order stuff online, but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived 3 days after I placed the order. Great job."

-Paul Edmunds - Connecticut, USA, 6/19/2006

"I’m Alvaro, one or your custumers from Spain. Once again, thank you very much for the quality of the services you're providing. I was surprised when I found the vinyls this morning in here, it only has taken 7 days from USA to Spain! Now its time for enjoying 'em. That’s great guys, props."

-Alvaro Casado - Spain, 5/25/2006

"I got my shirt today and it's really cool. I just wanted to compliment y'all since I have ordered from UGHH for a few years now and the shipping has always been fast and the free stuff that is included like the CD's and stickers have always been cool. In my opinion by far is the best hip hop place to go. Thanks for the service."

-Justin Griffin - Missouri, USA, 5/22/2006

"Great job guys, order came a lot quicker than expected, all in great order and the payment through PayPal was nice and easy. I will more than likely buy some stuff from you guys again, keep up the good work."

-Ian Haponiev - United Kingdom, 5/6/2006

"I want to thank you for my order. I just received my order and I am very impressed with the quick shipping. It was predicted that I would receive my order in the first week of April, but instead it came today. This was the first time I purchased something online, but I am overall pleased with the purchase. The ordering process was easy and the confirmation e-mail that my order was sent made me feel a bit calmer about the situation."

-Roshan Patel - Canada, 3/29/2006

"I just wanted to say what a great website you have. I've been a hip hop enthusiast since the late '80s and I'm constantly trying to find some of those older titles. Well, I was very surprised to see some of the singles featured on the site, like Zhigge and Dred Scott. Also, good job on the original La-Di-Da-Di. Keep up the good work - you just got yourself a lifetime customer and from Utah of all places."

-Cody Johnson - Utah, USA, 3/18/2006

"There are songs on here that I never thought I'd hear again. I accidentally found this site, and man I haven't looked back. Thank ya'll for having all the old school hip hop and keep it alive."

-E.W. - Texas, USA, 3/12/2006

"I received my order a few days ago. Was especially fast this time and I live out here in Germany. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your work. The free stuff options are great and Food Stamp's free mixes are always hot. Until my next order…"

-Tom Bates - Germany, 2/26/2006

"Just wanted to give a massive thanks to the guys at My order has in excellent condition and much earlier than expected. I was extremely impressed with your service (and prices for international orders!) and will continue future sales with your company."

-Brett Mollison - Australia, 2/11/2006

"I only wanted to say that I am constantly humbled by and give perpetual thanks to the existence of Put me on full blast for your mailings, and carry on the tradition of providing the finest of the underground scene."

-Robert Barry, 2/11/2006

"I just thought I'd send a long overdue THANKS for the excellent service you guys provide. I've been ordering for a while now, however just recently I had been exploring different online sites to see if you guys were still on point. The answer - hell yeah! The thing that appeals to me most is how you keep me (the customer) fully updated with shipping, supplies, etc. Sure some sites may advertise slightly cheaper items on odd occasions, however the important thing (particularly from an overseas point of view) is your service - OUTSTANDING! No more site searching - committed to UGHH for LIFE!"

-Mark Blackburn - United Kingdom, 2/9/2006

"I just want to throw some props your way. I have bought from you guys three times now and service is EXCELLENT! the website is the best on the web! It’s so easy to navigate and link from producer to artist etc and listen to new stuff. I have been buying vinyl for over ten years now and I deeply regret not finding you guys until now - I could have saved hundreds of $$$. Love all about your store and if I get to Boston I will buy y’all a beer."

-Nicklas Nystrom - Sweden, 1/30/2006

"I used to drop by here all the time 3-4 years ago and now back the place is effing excellent. I’m from Ireland and this is a supreme example of a site bringing local flavors to remotely placed enthusiasts. Not saying Ireland has no scene or nothing, but one ain’t bound to come across a Sound Providers EP in their local crate here anytime soon. Knawhamean?"

-Edward Hurley, 1/26/2006

"On behalf of everyone who has ever perused your fine site, THANK YOU. I personally started ordering from a couple months back and have been coming back bi-weekly ever since. The lay-out is fantastic, making it lego-simple to find the hottest, freshest, most classic or hard-to-find beats available. And don't even get me started on the clothing selection, the bounty of free stuff I have received and the FIVE new radio stations. Sheee. In a time when the world of popular music is mired in an apathetic bog, you provide a beacon for those with a love of 'real' music. I'll keep spreading the good word if you keep on keeping on."

-Corbet Rutzer - Canada, 1/18/2006


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