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<!--2012011058-->101 Apparel - 'Beat Tape' [(Dark Blue) Hooded Sweatshirt]

101 Apparel

Beat Tape

Dark Blue

Hooded Sweatshirt

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The beat/mix tape is one of the first forms of communication between the DJ and his audience that went beyond the late nights of the club scene. Originally tapes were exclusive to partygoers, other DJ's , those 'in the know' and served as a musical education while at the same time kept the party going in your ear. Before DJ and scene magazine playlists, the beat tape was the only way to know what the newest tracks/ remixes and blends were popping things off in the club and what the DJ was currently vibing out to. This tradition was set off by luminaries like Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambataa to promote the club nights they were playing at and as a way to spread the word of this new music called "hip-hop."

-100% Cotton Hooded Fleece.