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<!--2013021945-->101 Apparel - 'Black Gold Of The Sun' [(Yellow) T-Shirt]

101 Apparel

Black Gold Of The Sun



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Music is a way of life at 101 Apparel and with this design we give credence to that ethos. Music has been scientifically shown to have therapeutic properties and while it's nice to have science confirm what anyone who has ever had an epic night dancing can feel for themselves, it's this positive and mood elevating aspect of music that keeps us promoting and directing our energy to spread the good word of sound. Anything that lessens the tensions of modern life is a good thing in our opinion and music is a way to alleviate and redirect energy into positive actions in society. Listen Learn Love Live is a shirt created and conceived for those who share that visions of sounds ability to make an impact. This design displays the text "Listen Learn Love Live" with a mind and heart in the center.

- 100% Cotton.