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<!--020110531031998-->101 Apparel - 'Dirty Old Soul Crates' [(Natural) Tote Bag]

101 Apparel

Dirty Old Soul Crates


Tote Bag


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14.375"X14" 100% Bull denim woven cotton.

If you have ever gone searching for records especially of the vintage variety, you know that you have to go through dusty basements, moldy covers, and dirty stanky crates to get the really good stuff that everyone else is seeking. This all pays off in rare gems in the end but you have to put the work in to get there. When it comes to soul music every collector and DJ knows that the first rate records were all released on 45 which makes the job of finding them that much more difficult. Going through moldy crates to find 'albums' is one thing, but 7 inches are small and easily lost making it a very tedious activity to sort through thousands of them in the hope of finding those rare lost classics.