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<!--2013021931-->101 Apparel - 'DIY Art' [(Gray) T-Shirt]

101 Apparel




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Do-It-Yourself is a movement that brings it back to you as the creator. It's about removing the middleman, the corporation, and being creative with the most minimal means. If you are an artist, it means using your tools and your local environment as your personal canvas and art space. If you are a musician that means using whatever you have at your disposal to make sounds, whether that be a hammer, a radiator, the sound of water dripping from your faucet, sans big recording studios and overblown budgets. DIY ART is a design inspired by that ethos of self reliance in making and thinking about art. This design takes some of the tools of the DIY ART trade like hammers, pens, paint brushes and exacto knives and lines them up right next to each other for a shirt that will appeal to artists of all stripes.

- 100% Cotton.