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<!--2012011047-->101 Apparel - 'Funky 45' [(Brown) T-Shirt]

101 Apparel

Funky 45



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  • 101FUNKY45BSTS
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It's no secret that the "Funky 45" is the foundational medium for DJ's and producers; it's where novices get separated from the supreme archeologists in the record collecting world. With only two songs on a 45 bands knew they had to make it count so they went all out and that's why the best tracks are on that small slab of wax. Finding those 45's is a talent that is given to few, it takes time as anyone who has ever gone through thousands of them in a dusty basement knows, and it takes massive knowledge to pick the best. We decided to pay tribute to the funky 45 with no musical boundaries to get in the way; from jazz to funk, disco to latin, cosmic to soul music, this is about how the 45 is where it's at for rarity, quality and versatility.

-100% fine jersey cotton.