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<!--2013021936-->101 Apparel - 'Grass Roots' [(Brown) Hooded Sweatshirt]

101 Apparel

Grass Roots


Hooded Sweatshirt

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Grass Roots is how most movements, scenes, revolutions, and new directions in art and society get started. From the ground up and not manufactured and conceived by big corporations and mega advertisers but instead built by the people on the ground floor. Most good things that we hear about whether its a new scene or sound, a new idea or movement we hear through word of mouth. This usually starts small but always carries that vibe of authenticity, that authenticity is what we mean by grass roots. Roots as the very beginning, the essence of what started the whole thing in the first place. This is how 101 Apparel started and why we support grass roots as a way to spread good music, good art and good products in general. This design takes the text "Grass Roots" and succinctly uses grass within the font.

- 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.