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<!--2013021942-->101 Apparel - 'Universal Language' [(Dark Blue) T-Shirt]

101 Apparel

Universal Language

Dark Blue


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Anyone who takes a fraction of a second to peruse our designs over the years can see very quickly that we believe good music comes from all countries in a variety of sounds and contexts. It's a fundamental principle that got us excited about music in the first place; that good tunes have always existed no matter the time or geographic zone that first brought them to light in the first place. Also, that music aside from math is the only truly universal language that can be enjoyed fully by someone in a completely different culture. Whether its a Brazilian listening to hip-hop, or a Frenchman listening to American blues, or a Nigerian jamming out to flamenco, or an Italian listening to disco, not one culture owns the experience of the sound. This is a clever design that takes the concept of Music as a Universal Language and uses the word "Music" and displays it in a variety of different languages from around the globe.

- 100% Cotton.