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<!--2012071728-->101 Apparel - 'Versions' [(Black) Hooded Sweatshirt]

101 Apparel



Hooded Sweatshirt

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  • 101VRSNMSS
  • 13.9 oz
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  • 101 Apparel
Any seasoned DJ or collector music knows that the best singles come in a variety of formats and styles and we decided to put together a tribute with that concept in mind. This is par for the course in hip-hop and dance music culture where mixing two different styles of the same track creates a unique blend of sounds that allows the DJ to manipulate an accapella into a street remix, or an instrumental mixed in with an accapella of a completely different tracks, something that is now popularly known as the mashup. Versions takes all the different formats whether it the be the street mix, the instrumental, the remix, the dirty, clean and dub version and puts all them neatly into one design that mimics the aesthetic of the record culture that birthed them.

- 100% Cotton.