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3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]
3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]
3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]
3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]
3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]
3:33 - 'Bicameral Brain' [CD [2CD]]


Bicameral Brain

CD [2CD]

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  • Oct 29, 2013
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 091037676016
  • PTL22013CD
  • 2.6 oz
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  • Parallel Thought LTD.
  • 3:33
Parallel Thought LTD has announced the upcoming release of 3:33's "Bicameral Brain" on October 29th. The release features artwork of Kevin Vitella.

After being stuck "In the Middle of Infinity," 3:33 found themselves in "The White Room," an ever-expanding room. While inside the White Room, their minds were pulled apart. The resulting Bicameral Brain was comprised of two parts. One side spoke commands in the form of auditory hallucinations and the other listened and obeyed.

With their double album, "Bicameral Brain," 3:33 isolate the two sides of this primitive state of consciousness, the commander and the commanded, and capture them in the form of an audio recording. 3:33 continue to bend the framework of their sound in the same vein as Yoshi Wada, Terry Riley, Whitehouse and La Monte Young. Follow 3:33 on their journey through the Bicameral Brain, an examination of primitive consciousness as it still functions today.
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