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3:33 - 'Live From The Grove' [CD]
3:33 - 'Live From The Grove' [CD]
3:33 - 'Live From The Grove' [CD]
3:33 - 'Live From The Grove' [CD]


Live From The Grove


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Some modern thinkers would argue that it is possible for multiple realities to simultaneously exist alongside our own plane of existence. There are places on this earth where this presence can be more strongly felt than others - places that seem to hold an inexplicable mysticism. The Bohemian Grove is one of these places. It is hard to define the electric aura that it exudes, attracting the world's most clandestine societies, who are said to perform ancient rituals around its curtained lake. With only their recording equipment and a strange uncertainty, 3:33 entered the Bohemian Grove with the steely resolve to find and harness the mysterious power of the redwoods.

Those who listen will swear they can hear the very voice of Moloch whispering, foretelling coming realities in dead languages. Some can hear the crackle of burning effigies, filling the night sky with acrid unholy smoke amidst the shrewd cackles of mad men foolish enough to offer their souls to the Babylonian blood gods. The album sounds like tamed chaos- a focused channeling of the cryptic energies that permeate from within this house of leaves.

This work reflects the space that lies beyond the outer limits of reality; the indefinable surrealism it bleeds transforms the air in which it resonates. Dull clanks of machinery, chirps of strange night creatures, and shrill unadulterated horns create tracks with an intriguing flow, each unique in its ability to both deeply satisfy and profoundly disturb. Do not adjust your speakers because you are hearing the sounds of 'Live from the Grove'.
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