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<!--020061107019190-->'6 Brothaz In A Cadillac' [DVD]

6 Brothaz In A Cadillac


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"6 Brothaz In A Cadillac" is a realistic satire about racism, hip hop, friendship, social awareness, and driving around neighborhoods in a snot-colored Cadillac smoking alot of weed.

The movie's plot is about 6 friends, all aspiring hip hop artists, who roam the town in a old school booger- green colored Cadillac, and encounter situations that make the sixtet realize that the words we use can either empower us, or make us sterotypical in the eyes of society. The 6 come across friends and opposers on their one day journey, and all the while displaying lyrical talent and social awareness. The 6 take us on a one day tour through the neighborhood hang outs, weed spots, and even jail, all on the way to the nights final event, the local 'Battle Royale' hip hop showcase, where the 6 use what they've learned and manifest it through hip hop music. The 6 rhyme consciously against other crews: 'The Rude Jude Crew', a cool ass hassidic jew rap group, 'Latin & Patent', a hilarious puerto rican/ mexican duo, 'Crew Wonderbread', a typical but ambitious suburban white rap group, and the cute & sexy 'Short Tease', a female rap group who can hang with the big boys. The setting for this movie is Anywhere, USA, meaning that this one day experience is relatable to any 'hood' in America, and can relate to its youth.

The 6 main characters each have their own personality and style. 'Stanley', played by Oktober Zero, is a flashy, foul mouthed, overprivelaged rapper that everyone loves to hate. 'Blacs', played by Wildchild from Lootpack, is a humble but fierce ex-football player who is true to his word and doesnt take the 'N' word lightly. 'Militant Mic', played by Tre Hardson of The Pharcyde, is the conscious and peaceful brother who constantly reminds his peers to be aware of knowledge of self, karma, and over all, being positive. 'LP45', played by Motive of The Demigods/ Doe Rakers, plays the street savy, weed smoking realist who doesnt find much funny..until he gets high. Mighty Casey, well known for his BET uncut hit video "White Girls", plays the half white/ half black 'Mule', a comedian rapper who always keeps the situation light hearted and entertaining, and 'Pookie', played by Middletown, CT's local hero, LV, is the crippled, but highly talented rapper who seems to be the most reasonable in tense situations, dont be fooled by his limp!

"6 Brothaz In A Cadillac" is a movie for those who are culturally aware and involved. It is also a movie for those young, street brothers and sisters who need a better perspective on the language we use, how to respect ourselves, and take pride in who we are.