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7L & Esoteric - '1212' [CD]
7L & Esoteric - '1212' [CD]
7L & Esoteric - '1212' [CD]
7L & Esoteric - '1212' [CD]

7L & Esoteric



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Over here at the 7L & Esoteric company store we swear by authenticity and being up front with our patrons. We've given you a lot of music over the past 14-15 years. Some even give us credit for starting a few trends here and there; both positive and negative. But this is 1212.

1212 is not about that. 1212 is about being honest with yourself and accepting your shortcomings. 1212 is about loosening your grip and extending a hand.

If you define "cool" as feeling vulnerable and perhaps crestfallen,

1212 will make you feel like the Fonz.

1212 is about confronting your demons. It is also about eating those demons, puking them up and then throwing them in a fiery pit of agony and death.

1212 is about snatching authority by the neck and collapsing it's windpipe. It is also about taking the closest weapon and beating your opponent to a bloody pulp.

1212 is about a rap group, plain and simple. Your rap group.

1212 sums up everything WE (your rap group) want out of a rap album: hell, aggression, and truth. Sartre's hell is other people, our hell is other rap guys.

Still, we brought some of said rap guys along for 1212: Inspectah Deck, Sadat X, ILL Bill, Evidence, Alchemist, Celph Titled, Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Statik Selektah, and even good ol' 7L.

That's right ya'll, 7L is back for the first 7LES album in 4 years... and he's making sure Eso isn't rapping about his dog(s?!) or his baby or irrelevant personal non-boom bash ish.

You guys wanna hype up 1212 as your rap group's "darkest album yet?" You wanna start a buzz for 1212 as 7LES' "bringin' it back to the essence" album?

Well go ahead, so do we! Get ready for 1212.

We, much like you, have come to save the game and crush the BS on the radio and the social networks and the planet and the...

7L & Esoteric. 1212.

Back To The Future... From The Future.
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