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9DW - '9DW' [(Clear) Vinyl [2LP]]
9DW - '9DW' [(Clear) Vinyl [2LP]]
9DW - '9DW' [(Clear) Vinyl [2LP]]
9DW - '9DW' [(Clear) Vinyl [2LP]]



Clear Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Taking electro-fusion to the next dimension is no easy job. But Tokyo-based futurists 9DW aren't afraid to gaze beyond the limits of the Milky Way, riding on a celestial quest toward a world where the atmosphere is analog and the beat of a neon ocean washes against a beach of synthesizer sand. Building their sonic landscape on an arsenal of vintage instruments and technology, the music of 9DW is a refreshing mix of jazz instrumentals, skilled guitars, fresh breakbeats, and funky keys. With an ear to the past and their eyes on the future, this band of the Rising Sun heralds a return to the 1970s heyday of jazz originality and flavor. Not since pioneers the likes of Bob James, Herbie Hancock, or Joe Zawinul has jazz-fusion sounded this good.

Although 9DW's self-titled debut has been available in Japan for sometime now, it has yet to see any form of stateside release. That's why Wax Poetics Records have decided that the time is right to bring 9DW into the U.S. soundscape with a limited vinyl run of 9DW. This, the sixth release from Wax Poetics Records, will come as a double-LP set pressed on high quality 180-gram vinyl.

Until now, Wax Poetics Records has been strictly in the business of reissuing rare, overlooked, and long-lost albums from the past. But with 9DW, they're proud to be, for the first-time, reissuing a contemporary album worthy of the Wax Poetics seal of approval. So while Wax Poetics still prides themselves on being an authority when it comes to soul, funk, and jazz music's lesser-known players of yesterday, they've also got their ears tuned to the sounds of tomorrow. Be it in Wax Poetics Magazine or on Wax Poetics Records, you can rest assured that they're digging the un-derground, wherever they find it.
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