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A-Trak - 'Oh No You Didn't! - Live In Vancouver' [CD]


Oh No You Didn't! - Live In Vancouver


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Other than a couple ISP scratch practice tapes released when he was about 16, this is the first mix cd we've ever seen from A-Trak. It was recorded live in Vancouver at Club Antlantis on 9/15/05, and goes a long way to show just how well rounded this former scratch prodigy has become. Dude is Kanye's tour dj afterall, and he's found the perfect balance between his ridiculous battle skills and party rocking. It starts off with some of his amazing live routines and then goes into a long mix set, where you'll find everything from De La to Daft Punk, from Mann Parrish to Mac Mall. Tons of blends, mixing and cutting along the way, of course. Fans have been waiting for this.
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