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Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir - 'Gutter Music Vol. TOO' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir

Gutter Music Vol. TOO

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Product Details
The Gutter Crew is back again with that club crack, 9 tracks deep. This ultra limited, 500 piece EP is a new collection of big club bangers and features the future of B-more Gutter Music. This time around, LaCrate and Samir bring along a few friends on Gutter Music Vol. TOO including the newest Milkcrate all-star, Young Verb, who was featured on The Wire Soundtrack and whose trademark double time flow caught the ear of music heavyweight Mark Ronson. Paris Gutter Crew affiliate Don Rimini is also along for the ride and is beast on the beats dropping B-more Gutter on the rave tip. The kids in Paris are already tweeking to his sound and Milkcrate alumni J-Wildz comes through on the hard-hitting club anthem, "Drinks Up," and watch as the clubs unite on "Sucka DJ's." "Philly Get Up" is a shout out to all the kids in Philly that have been so supportive of the Baltimore Club music movement and last but certainly not least is the true godfather and creator of Baltimore Club music, DJ Equalizer. He drops some knowledge and blesses the record with his classic, heavy-hitting production. Equalizer is the original Baltimore king and has released more than 40 records and was the first to gain in his musical vein to receive worldwide recognition. Drop this record in the club and watch as it gets hot, heavy, and sticky. It's time to get gutter with Gutter Music Vol. # TOO.
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