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Abs01ute & Shyste - 'Lord of the Flys' [CD]
Abs01ute & Shyste - 'Lord of the Flys' [CD]
Abs01ute & Shyste - 'Lord of the Flys' [CD]
Abs01ute & Shyste - 'Lord of the Flys' [CD]

Abs01ute & Shyste

Lord of the Flys


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Lord of the Flys marks the debut joint album between two Upstate New York natives, producer/engineer Abs01ute and emcee Shyste. The project, which clocks 17 tracks, draws inspiration from the 1954 novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding, with sampling from the 1963 film of the same name.

True to the original story, which follows a group of young British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and forced with the illuminating yet disastrous prospect of governing themselves, Shyste and Abs01ute's rendition draws a direct parallel to themes found in today's political and social climate, with its dramatic, powerful and unfiltered lyrical prowess strengthened by expressive, masterful production.

With Abs01ute taking the wheel regarding the overall sound and vision of the project, his chemistry with Shyste in the booth is undeniable, with both finding a common creative ground to help shape the narrative, one that is as dynamic as it is straightforward and as complex as it is striking. The album, which tactfully plays with themes of conflict, emotion and deeper philosophical questioning, was built on top of obscure sampling of Japanese records from the 1950s and 1960s, with the decision to intentionally be sample-heavy clear to both creators.

Four years in the making, Lord of the Flys reflects the desire to create timeless music with both integrity and quality held in high regard, resulting in a product that enchantingly stands out in today's current music climate, bringing listeners back to the nostalgic, glory days of 90s hip-hop without losing the ability to transport listeners to the likes of a deserted island far, far away where adventure, hardship and conquest of the unknown is as inevitable as it is intriguing.

With standout tracks, "Anthrax, The Truth" featuring J57 and DJ White Lotus, "Studio Rapper," and "Nobody's Home" featuring Xkwisit, Shyste and Abs01ute compliment one another with ease, with the aforementioned special guests adding to the art of collaboration, crafting illustrious tracks that are extremely visual by nature, but still hit hard. Each entry in this cohesive collection stays true to the curation of its masterminds, with the album full of drums that knock, melodies that tell a story and introspective, cerebral vocals that tie it all together.

Needless to say, this is an album that best does the talking for itself, with a sound that is unapologetically, Abs01ute and Shyste.
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