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Witches Brew - Black'


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  • 4 oz
  • AP1457ART
  • 8.0 oz
  • Black
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Acee
Every batch of Witches' Brew is created from the finest hand-selected ingredients shipped daily to our new state-of-the-art production facility here in Globeville, Colorado. We proudly boast the use of only cage-free, free-roaming, vegetarian fed animal by-products. As of October 2007, all amphibian derivitives will be hormone and rbST free*. Our ingredients are tested to the highest level of purity and carefully blended by our team of dedicated scientific researchers.
Witches' Brew is slow kettle-cooked using our secret family recipe. The raw product is then cold reverse-filtered a total of 19 times and aged to perfection in specially designed, patent-pending holding tanks. Once matured, the brew is triple-tested for impurities by our quality control experts, seasoned and hand-bottled. The final product is delivered daily to our national distibution center and shipped to various sundry shops where it is enjoyed by millions.
We extend a special thanks to all our customers and well-wishers, and gladly offer FREE tours if you're ever in the neighborhood.