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<!--2014091056-->Acrylick - 'ILL' [(Black) T-Shirt]





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There are many ways you can define yourself. We took two popular words or labels used to define a person as the basis for our design. One word being the classic "Ill", coined from classic Hip-Hop, and the other word "Trill" also originating recently from present Hip-Hop. Trill and Ill both share similar attributes by definition, stating that a person has positive attributes, but one comes with a bad reputation of nonsense. The graphic clearly shows which label we choose to be known by. We go with what has been proven, what is classic, what has built a legacy, and what relates to everything that inspired us. We are all for evolution, but we don't have time for all the nonsense and noise that comes with being labeled Trill. We want to shed light on some of the pointlessness that is going on in street wear, and this world in general.

-6.0 oz 100% Cotton T-Shirt