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<!--020111213039754-->Acrylick - 'Just Do U' [Posters & Prints]


Just Do U

Posters & Prints

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  • 18" X 24"
  • 10.1 oz
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  • Acrylick
Life is an uncertain journey, and many times we are faced with temptations that may challenge who we truly are as individuals. Naturally as humans, it is in our nature to avoid any complications that may arise. This leaves us with the notion that floating along with the current is an easier way of living life, rather than facing rough waters and swim against the current. We must realize that when drifting along with the current, we are denying ourselves of something very crucial; we are giving up everything that defines us as an individual. We each have our own set of beliefs, values, and inspirations that make us who we truly are. These elements within us should be expressed without anything hindering them. Even though it is truly difficult for us to be ourselves in this harsh world, it is essential in living a worthwhile life. Taking the easy route of following the path we are given compromises more than who we are as individuals; it compromises our place in this world. We need to set our own paths, and go along the direction that we set forth personally.

-High Quality Digital Print.