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<!--2011110112-->Acrylick - 'Longevity' [(Dark Gray) Hooded Sweatshirt]



Dark Gray

Hooded Sweatshirt

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  • 22.4 oz
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  • Acrylick
We disclose what we think is the key to longevity, which is simply to keep things moving. Many examples can be related to this explanation. A river for example if not constantly in motion, the water becomes stagnant. This stagnant water is not healthy to drink and becomes useless to its surroundings. As time progresses the river is not the same, and serves no purpose and is known as dead. In order to keep things fresh the stream must keep moving. This concept is exactly the same with a human body. Without movement and activity, physically and mentally, our bodies will die quicker. However, constant stimulation and continuing to move along will ensure a long life.

-100% Cotton.