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<!--2013100819-->Acrylick - 'Nostalgia' [(White) T-Shirt]





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  • 6.7 oz
  • Multi-Color
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  • Acrylick
Nostalgia is more than just longing for the past; it is factor in our daily lives. Our beliefs in the present are built on the solid foundation of our past. Our surroundings and preferences in the past, helped guide and form who we are now as individuals. We decided to take one memory, which we believe many others can relate to, and created this design. There was a simpler time where music was analog rather than digital. Storing it took square footage, rather than gigabytes. The music was equally as good, but the cassette format made music that much more valuable. Even though it is seen as bulky now, at its time it was portable. We bring back the image of storing cassettes in a shoebox. The flipside to storing music on hard drives now.

- 100% Cotton.