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<!--2014021418-->Acrylick - 'Sayers' [(Dark Blue) Hooded Sweatshirt]



Dark Blue

Hooded Sweatshirt

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Identity is something that is both created and something that is naturally inside all of us. We find that it is becoming more of a tool rather than a unique quality to being human. With some, identity is a way to project who they want to be-both good and bad. It is easy to take influence from others and to act upon them in a false and negative manner. This design is meant to serve as a reminder of the natural good in each of us. Rather than using our identities to mislead people's perspectives of us, we choose to be truthsayers. We choose the righteous path and emit to the world only what is true. In the end, after everything fades and gimmicks are revealed, the truth will be all that stands.

- 80% Cotton 20% Polyester. Made in U.S.A.