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<!--2013112642-->Acrylick x Rusko - 'Filthy Vibes' [(Black) T-Shirt]

Acrylick x Rusko

Filthy Vibes



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  • Acrylick
Our brand has always made it a point to give recognition to the art of music and its creators. We at Acrylick know that without music, the world would be a different place, a place that would be less enjoyable. Music influences the world, and especially our brand. Acrylick is a reflection of its creators and supporters. One common ground we both share is respect towards the power and beauty of music. Our Artist Series is an effort based solely on this reverence to give recognition to the creators of great music.

We created a series of graphics for Rusko, a highly regarded music producer and DJ. Rusko has produced and worked with some of the biggest artists in the music industry. He is known for his high energy driven and exciting style. His approach and sound to the Dubstep, is known to be innovative and adventurous. This allows him to make a distinct print in the industry with his work, as well as appeal to those normally not familiar with this style of music. Rusko bridges a gap between Dubstep and popular music. He is constantly pushing the boundaries and creating the music he loves. His style ties in closely with what we are trying to express in this project, so he is one of the first we chose to work with.

- 6.0 oz 100% Cotton Regular Fit