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AD Bourke - 'Prelude' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

AD Bourke


Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Welcome to Five Fold, a new imprint founded on the principle of releasing quality dance music free from genre and tempo constraints. Mimicking the subtle variance through repetition expressed in the aperiodic nature of five-fold symmetries, our releases will explore the constantly shifting rhythms and sounds of the dancefloor continuum, a study in motion that never quite repeats.

AD Bourke's 'Prelude EP' is the very definition of its naming, an introduction masterfully encapsulating the musical ethos of the label. After a string of wonky-post-Dilla-future-funk vinyl releases on Citinite, Scenario and Basic Rhythm (Space Dimension Controller's label), the four cuts here see AD evolving as a producer focusing on more lush synth melodies while notching up the tempo to deep house and disco grooves.

'Prelude' opens with a galactic juggernaut of funked out synth riffing layered atop a phenomenal slap bass foundation, re-introducing AD's sonic palette with aplomb. From lush beds of deep swelling pads and meandering arpeggio sprinkles, the interplay between the bass groove and the squelchy synth lines evolve through the second half of the track delivering a stellar disco house workout.

'Astral' deepens the proceedings, shifting through electro influenced drum sequences replete with jittering bass and pad stabs counterpointing AD's adept key runs, a funk fusion soundtrack to sun rise on moon base 4.

'Equinox' takes to interstellar flight with a warm and robust 4X4 kick, filtered hats and a stuttering low end eventually giving way to a intense display of the artist's cosmic synth mastery, a procession of cascading waveform showers made of pure starlight propel our journey ever deeper.

'A Night In Almeria' winds down our first offering with an aural snap shot of more earthly wares. A detuned piano recorded live to the sounds of crickets in the nearby fields, we end on our return to terra firma.
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