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Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'Cryptkid' [CD]

Admiral Crumple



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A new rugged and hardcore Admiral Crumple album with tracks reminiscent of his classics "Laughing in Toronto" "Merk You" etc The album is angry, scary and also very beautiful, passionate and happy. Just like the state of the World in 2014. The album was created not just for those who've made life changing decisions (Quitting drugs, alcohol, other destructive behaviours etc) - but also for those already well along the path of recovery. It's an album to empower and help people maintain positive behaviors while dealing with genuine emotions and feelings. Where much of the current rap landscape is clouded by drugs and alcohol Crumple tackles issues like change, anger, family and social issues with a clear and level head. Crumple States "Cryptkid is like the new me. The "Crypt" part is about death. Where I've been through losses in life and essentially my old self died. The "Kid" part is about a new renewal on life, where I've been reborn in a sense - with the purity, innocence and enthusiasm of a child.but armed with new knowledge, and skills through life experience." This is Crumple's most sex themed album as well. With constant sex related references in verses, a whole track - "Ashlyn" with a strong sexual theme, and sexual album artwork - the inside and tray card. In the 2 years it took to create this new album, Crumple also earned his 2 year College Diploma as a Law Clerk. So while Crumple was always an intellectual emcee, he is now a formally educated one. Produced by Crumple, Westnlye, Sharpgold and Al'tarba, this album is a breath of fresh air for fans of the Hardcore Rap Genre, and is sure to lead Hip Hop in the right direction.
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