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Admiral Crumple - 'The Cali Project' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'The Cali Project' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'The Cali Project' [CD]
Admiral Crumple - 'The Cali Project' [CD]

Admiral Crumple

The Cali Project


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The Cali Project is a sobering, dark, hardcore, meaningful Hip Hop album that stands in stark contrast to the music representing California right now. Katy Perry's fun loving song California gurls feat Snoop Dogg is a Pop Hit. The Cali Project's track My head talks about past griefs, adapting and healing, moving forward and succeeding - a very real concept - with the sounds of a weeping teenage girl and the crashing California Ocean throughout the track.

Admiral Crumple travelled to Los Angeles, from Toronto and collaborated with emcees - Evergreen, and Bammer. They recorded several authentic, and rugged hip hop tracks with hard hitting and inspiring lyrics. The recordings took place in Bammer's Garage/Art studio. Death Valley is the first single, with the video available on The beats are all dark/grimy and lyrics are intelligent "Putting what's first, truly first and looking at art that is beautiful." To the downright disturbing- "I creep up from behind and take your eyelids along with a lock of your hair."

This marks the tenth release from Admiral Crumple's Toronto based independent hip hop label Cataphonic Productions. Admiral Crumple - emcee and entrepreneur has been featured in Hip Hop Connection, Vice Magazine, Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, CBC Radio3,, Urb Magazine, Knowledge magazine, and more.

This marks the first ever Toronto and Los Angeles hip hop collaboration album in History. Bringing the authentic, dark, hardcore and intelligent hip hop classic - The Cali Project.
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