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Aeon Grey & SoulCrate Music - 'Dead Meat' [CD]

Aeon Grey & SoulCrate Music

Dead Meat


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We are Dead Meat...
Media exposure has frozen our minds and narrowed our vision. From sex symbols to schools shootings, celebrity violence and the Iraq war, all of it doused in gasoline. It seems the only things for the news to cover are either impressively depressing, or substantially superficial.

Dead Meat originated as a thesis relating the new American culture to a piece of meat. "Dead Meat" has become a slogan of sorts for artist Aeon Grey. Cataloguing the feelings of doom and hopelessness in a society that spirals out of control has now become the overall concept for this split EP featuring Aeon Grey (Des Moines, IA), and SoulCrate Music (Sioux Falls, SD). The EP exhibits two very different styles of Hip Hop both of which push their own boundaries. This collection of songs is a mirror not everyone is ready to look into.
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