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Aesop Rock - 'Float (Re-Issue)' [CD]
Aesop Rock - 'Float (Re-Issue)' [CD]
Aesop Rock - 'Float (Re-Issue)' [CD]
Aesop Rock - 'Float (Re-Issue)' [CD]

Aesop Rock

Float (Re-Issue)



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CD reissue of Aesop Rock's long out of print second album and first major release, Float, which was originally released on Mush Records in 2000.

"So I heard you all want to float" bellows Aesop Rock, causing the flood gates to burst. Aesop Rock's first full-length effort, Float, contains twenty tracks of Avenue A hip-hop deluge and exemplifies the classic explosiveness of the sub-terra MC. It is the sound of a new New York underground speaking in full. With pinpoint production handled by Aesop and his main man, Blockhead, Float roars and rushes to the forefront. The release features guest appearances by Vastaire of Cannibal Ox, Slug of Atmosphere, and Doseone of Anticon. Dense in meaning and gorgeous in sound, Aesop holds nothing back, creating a work destined to become a landmark. Float is a classic underground hip-hop release that delivers on each and every line.
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