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Afrika Bambaataa - 'Death Mix 2' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Afrika Bambaataa

Death Mix 2

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Product Details
Afrika Bambaataa's and Jazzy Jay's legendary "Death Mix" is a holy grail, a high-water mark, and a crucial archive of the vibrant energy that Hip Hop was infused with in the early 1980's. Its release in 1983 on Paul Winley Records is a tribute to the label's resourcefulness...
Here we have an incredible find, a previously unknown, unheard, alternate version of "Death Mix", aptly titled "Death Mix 2", similar to the original version in that BAM is pulling records from all over the map & innovatively segueing them into a somewhat cohesive, funky mix.
More refined beat juggling & classic MCs showcased here, such as SPOONIE G & THE SOUL SONIC FORCE. This release is guaranteed to SHOCK shoppers into momentary disbelief, followed by accelerated heart rate & sweaty hands before they run to the register.
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