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Afu-Ra - 'Body Of The Life Force' [CD]
Afu-Ra - 'Body Of The Life Force' [CD]
Afu-Ra - 'Body Of The Life Force' [CD]
Afu-Ra - 'Body Of The Life Force' [CD]


Body Of The Life Force


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Brooklyn's Afu-Ra first came to the attention of the hip-hop community via his appearance on Jeru the Damaja's 1994 album THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST. As his solo debut BODY OF THE LIFE FORCE makes clear, he's got a lot going on upstairs. Afu-Ra is a devotee of both martial arts and Rastafarianism, and he got his name from a tale in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. His lyrics strongly reflect his spiritual concerns, but he not afraid to tackle hardcore subjects from the streets either. Underneath it all, Afu-Ra backs up his versifying with unerringly infectious beats and grooves. While the album's intro mixes elements of mysticism, science fiction, and social consciousness, "Soul Assassination" achieves rhythmic transcendence by mixing highly syncopated beats with horn samples. And so it goes throughout this impressive debut, as spirituality converges with reality for a wide-screen view of hip-hop's future.
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