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<!--2015071530-->Akomplice x DOOM - 'DOOM vs. Akomplice Pt. 2' [T-Shirt]

Akomplice x DOOM

DOOM vs. Akomplice Pt. 2


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Due to this being a blind box item, it is non-returnable.

Four years ago Akomplice collaborated on a mystery project with DOOM. Now, four years later, They're at it again! The latest effort with the enigmatic Villain is cloaked in just as much mystery as the 2011 release. No other details other than it being a tee with accessories have been revealed. Veiled in nondescript silver and black packaging, it's impossible to infer what's inside. It's like buying a pack of baseball cards, you don't know what you will get! The previous project had a similar cryptic release in the form of a nailed-shut wood crate that required a crowbar to open. If that project and the ensuing treasure hunt is any indication, you can be sure that this newest release will push the bounds of your expectations.

UGHH is one of the few select retailers in the world that is receiving the DOOM Mystery Bag. Rumor has it that there are two different bag combinations of items that exist and that randomly, a yellow tape has been put in select bags with an unreleased DOOM beat! There is also an interactive game that can be participated by anyone that buys the bag that can lead to some very valuable rewards.

The man behind the mask has only collaborated with a handful of companies, and is very particular about every item in the bag being exactly how he wanted it. Just like most of his limited releases this will sell out quick!

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