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Akream - 'Digital Penetration' [CD]
Akream - 'Digital Penetration' [CD]
Akream - 'Digital Penetration' [CD]
Akream - 'Digital Penetration' [CD]


Digital Penetration


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Like most 80's babies, Akream grew up with dreams of being a b-boy, skateboarding ninja. This was natural for a child who grew up immersed in hip hop culture before it was mainstream. The oldest of 8 children, raised on the East Side of Anchorage, Alaska, he learned to fend for self and turn a dime before he was taught basic arithmetic. To say times were tough would be an understatement. Between not having much and drug addicted family members pawning the rest, Akream needed an outlet. He began writing rhymes in elementary school, and it was obvious to those around him that rhyming could be more than a hobby for this young man. As a teen with an entrepreneurial spirit and the gift of gab, he set his vision of Arctic Flow Records into motion in 2000. His first move was to release a product that would showcase his lyrical ability. The result was a 5 song EP 'AK Blunted' which received positive reviews ona local level. Soon after, Akream joined forces with the group Star Spangle Grammar consisting of Josh Boots & Soiled Seed among others. Together, they set forth to carve their niche in the independent hip hop circuit. Their first collaboration came in the form of Akream's debut full-length album 'Way Too Cold.' It highlights the young MC in raw form backed by his partners in rhyme and gave the firs glimpse at the potential of the Arctic Flow brand. Immediatley following his debut, he and the crew began work on Josh Boot's solo album entitled 'Cold Weather Survival Guide.' The album showcased their progressio into an indie powerhouse. After years of live performance dates worldwide, the label set forth to produce Josh Boot's sophomore effort, 'Posession With Intent.' The album topped CMJ charts upon release. Akream then founded Ice Box Entertainment to distinguish himself as an executive whose interests transcended all genres and whose sights were set towards the future. With the signing of rapper Phonetic and the release of his classic debut 'The Notebook' on Ice Box Entertainment, as well as Akream's sophomore album 'Digital Penetration' released on Arctic Flow Records/ Ice Box Entertainment, his empire continues to expand.
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