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<!--020121009015417-->Alex Pardee - 'Awful/ Homesick' [Book]
<!--020121009015417-->Alex Pardee - 'Awful/ Homesick' [Book]
<!--020121009015417-->Alex Pardee - 'Awful/ Homesick' [Book]
<!--020121009015417-->Alex Pardee - 'Awful/ Homesick' [Book]

Alex Pardee

Awful/ Homesick


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  • Oct 09, 2012
  • 6.25" X 8.5"
  • 9781584234999
  • F24SF89708BK
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  • Alex Pardee
From the twisted artwork of Alex Pardee comes "Awful / Homesick," a collection featuring the fine artists favorite works from 2005 to the present. Mixed with the dark, bizarre, and horror-inspired characters, "Awful / Homesick" also shows Pardee's influences from a comic book and graffiti-inspired childhood, with an exploration into the different styles of line work that he has worked on over the past few years. "Awful / Homesick" features a foreword from Jeben Berg. Now that you know the basics, just remember that the next time you are dreaming of waking up in a pool of your own blood. Remember the man Alex Pardee, because he probably has drawn the scenario better than you can think it. 96 pages, hardcover

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