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Alias & Tarsier - 'Plane That Draws a White Line' [CD]
Alias & Tarsier - 'Plane That Draws a White Line' [CD]
Alias & Tarsier - 'Plane That Draws a White Line' [CD]
Alias & Tarsier - 'Plane That Draws a White Line' [CD]

Alias & Tarsier

Plane That Draws a White Line


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Alias & Tarsier rekindle their East Coast / West Coast collaboration with Plane That Draws A White Line, a collection of new songs and remixes anchored by the title track, a reprise from the duo's full-length debut, Brookland/Oaklyn. Alias nurtures a loud / quiet aesthetic on the EP's three new tracks, building and dropping beats around Tarsier's blue flame of a voice. Fantastic remixes from Odd Nosdam, Boom Bip, Neotropic, Christ and Healamonster round out the release.
The first track, "Plane That Draws A White Line," is a major-chord affair strummed on acoustic guitar over washes of rain and stuttering beats. "Nocturnal Eye" balances minimalist textures - a lone hand-drum, electronic notes, layers of atmospheric dust - with vocals that flutter from side to side, buttressed by heavy bass and kick. "9:24 Cigarette (Version 1)" and "Sleepy" juxtapose inspired Björk-ian tranquility and bouncy hip-hop glitch.
Boom-Bip's remix of "Plane" plays fast and loose with the original, eventually blowing up the track with a heady combination of synth strings and heavy bump. Christ experiments more subtlety, keeping a low profile on his remix of "Rising Sun." "5 Year Eve" is reworked by Neotropic into a dense and dark feast of melodic resolve. The finale comes with Odd Nosdam's dank and dubby take on Brookland/Oaklyn's closer "Ligaya." The drum-and-fuzz recreation is perfectly paced, building to a frenzy before echoing away. Healamonster's remix of the title track from the Dr. C single is included as a bonus track on the CD edition.
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