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Altopakto - 'Funkatomic' [CD]
Altopakto - 'Funkatomic' [CD]
Altopakto - 'Funkatomic' [CD]
Altopakto - 'Funkatomic' [CD]




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Altopakto is one of the top Spanish Hip Hop 'New School' groups. In 'Funkatomic', they show their West Coast rap and funk influences, in songs about personal experiences in their native neighborhoods in Madrid. These 16 tracks show their evolution since debut album 'Diamente en Bruto', and also features special guests Franfuethefirst (Cloaka Company), Moreno y Sendy (Ley Rico/Gamberros Pro), Dobleache and Dmohl. Dahani (Morado, Genios de la Cachimba, Lady Yaco) did all the recording, mixing, and mastering. 21st Century Hip Hop/ Funk!
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