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Amazing Ghost - 'I Gettupa/ Tiny Raindropz' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Amazing Ghost

I Gettupa/ Tiny Raindropz

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record

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Amazing Ghost from the fertile music scene of Richmond, Virginia includes members of Bio Ritmo, Fight the Big Bull (David Karsten) and The Great White Jenkins which is a strong testament to their impressive musical backgrounds. They sound like an assimilation of Gary Numan/Ultravox/Flying Lizard's swirling keyboard embellishments, "nothing but a party y'all" late70's/early 80's hip hop sensibilities, and 21st century lido shuffling. They are downright impossible to resist--as evidenced by their catchy-as-fuck debut 45-RPM single on Electric Cowbell Records.
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