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Andre Afram Asmar - 'Harmonic Emergency' [CD]
Andre Afram Asmar - 'Harmonic Emergency' [CD]
Andre Afram Asmar - 'Harmonic Emergency' [CD]
Andre Afram Asmar - 'Harmonic Emergency' [CD]

Andre Afram Asmar

Harmonic Emergency


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Shortly after Andre Afram Asmar began working on Harmonic Emergency he suffered an aneurism that left him with only half of his faculties intact. The completion of the album became the therapeutic practice he would undertake, and he sought out musicians to help him realize the vision that he feared he might have lost. With an international list of collaborators, including reggae legend Fully Fullwood, drummers from all over Latin America and the Middle East, and vocalists from Syria and Israel, Asmar collected hours of original source material for Harmonic Emergency. Combining epic arrangements, flowing production, and a master's touch on the board learned from some of dub's greatest mixers, Asmar breathes urgency into Harmonic Emergency; frequencies clash to uneasy resolutions, genres pile atop each other with astounding effectiveness and percussion is suddenly overwhelmed by adrenalized electronics. As the third world struggles to make itself heard from outside the halls of power, Asmar seeks to project the intensity of that very voice from within.

Andre Afram Asmar takes an approach far different than that of most electronic music producers. With equal part influences from hip-hop, dub, and world music, Asmar most often builds around live instrumentation, utilizing samples and effects as accents to the acoustics, ethnic percussion, and live vocals found in his work. Whether working with underground MC Circus (The Shapeshifters), dub pioneer Scientist, or any of a host of instrumentalists, percussionists, and vocalists that can be found nightly at his Los Angeles recording compound, Asmar finds a way to twist the end result in to a product that is uniquely his own.
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