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Andrew Thompson - 'I'm Not Likely To Change' [CD]

Andrew Thompson

I'm Not Likely To Change


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  • Apr 21, 2009
  • Rock & Alternative
  • 804076003329
  • LEWIS033CD
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  • Lewis Recordings
It's a good thing Andrew Thompson managed to finish recording with the mini-orchestra he had crammed into his living room recently - because the next day his landlord decided to kick him out! In one whirlwind weekend, Andrew's front room recorded a session with a harpist and string section and hosted a cast of twenty friends and actors to film a music video. Later, Andrew lost his keys and had to break into his own apartment. That, coupled with the noise of the past two days was the last straw: His landlord was adamant - "Thompson - you're out!". Andrew spent the following weeks couch-surfing, borrowing friends' guitars, and recording vocals in a variety of kitchens and lounges throughout Brooklyn. The result is his debut album, 'I'm Not Likely to Change'. 'I'm Not Likely to Change' is an intelligent pop album from one of contemporary music's most talented writer/arrangers. Sounding like a long lost Elvis Costello record produced by Flaming Lips circa Soft Bulletin, the strings and horns borrow a page out the E.L.O. songbook, the melodies reminiscent of Nilsson at his best. The album features Lee and Tyler Sargent of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on bass and guitar duties. Before this bold debut, Andrew released the cult singles 'We're In Business' and 'There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding'. Both songs appear as bonus tracks on the album.
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