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Angels Dust - 'The Great Depression' [(Black) Vinyl [10"]]

Angels Dust

The Great Depression

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [10"]

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Southern California duo Angels Dust return with "The Great Depression", a sinuous six-song crawl sharing new portals in their musical odyssey.

Discordant organs, melancholy percussion, warped sensual drone and seductive vocals, unnervingly swirl together in this darkwave dream. Producer Psychopop provides the crunching lo-fi production that envelops Flavia's ethereal intoning and muffled whispers. Crowning the album are epic "Pure", and grinding bluesy waltz "The Mother Is A Child Too", which effortlessly transmutes broken romanticism into a coarse hazy swoon. The raw 20-minute EP closes with the stunning "Beating of My Heart" a brutal, provocative ode to heartbreak and wanton sexuality.

Angels Dust's crackled dirty orchestral hymns present a brilliantly morose offering of hedonic heartache and bitter analogue love. Angels Dust is producer Psychopop & singer Flavia. In June 2015 HIT+RUN released their mesmerizing debut EP 'Slow Tapes' [HNR48], six moody songs swathed in grainy reverb and dense production. Critics praised Angels Dust's hazy sound & haunting vocal stylings, bracketing their psychedelic dream pop alongside Portishead, Broadcast, Mazzy Star & Beach House.
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