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Anthony B & Dejah b/w Capleton b/w Sizzla - 'More Power Remixes' [CD]

Anthony B & Dejah b/w Capleton b/w Sizzla

More Power Remixes


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Dancehall legends Sizzla, Capleton, and Anthony B. team up with Miami-based Dub / Hip Hop / Electronic label, Metatronix to present one of the most provocative and daring projects to date. With the recent dancehall craze hitting the major airwaves, the names Sizzla, Capleton and Anthony B. have quickly been familiarized by audiences outside of Jamaica. Anywhere in the world, these three veterans have garnered the highest respect for their uncompromising voices and their electrifying performances. They all have been sought after by such mainstream artists as Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean, Bonecrusher, Foxy Brown, Mobb Deep, etc. and yet, with all the attention and fame, these three legends still continue to be the fearless representatives for the ghettos worldwide. So it's no surprise that Metatronix, a label known for their relentless lyrics and boundary stretching hip hop/dancehall hybrids, presents these exclusive songs remixed by some of today's most progressive producers. For this project Metatronix has crossed borders, recruiting soldiers from Miami to NYC and across the Atlantic to France, Spain, Holland and the UK. Featuring the production skills of: The Bug (Rephlex, Ninja Tune), Eliot Lipp (Hefty, Eastern Development), Supersoul (Metatronix), Funckarma (Skam), High Priest (Anti Pop Consortium, Warp), DMX Crew (Rephlex), Eedl (spa.RK), Quench (Dub), Pilooski (679, Dark & Lovely, Diamond Trax), and Nick Fury (Beyond Real, Metatronix). ...and you may ask, so what does it sound like??? The sounds vary - from abstract electronic to straight-up Hip Hop club bangers... Metatronix has nevertheless stayed true to its aesthetics, compromising nothing, always pushing limits, and keeping it beyond real.
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