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Pen15 - Black'

Marker [Ink]

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Product Details
  • AP3056ART
  • 1.0 oz
  • Black
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • AP
The PEN15 is a Hard Body valve marker with reversible nib. Pre-loaded with the most fade resistant, pigmented ink available, you will get a long lasting image for years to come. We love this marker for quick writes and slaps. Also perfect for industrial applications.

Perfect for on the go! Indelible on any surface. Works well with Hello my Name is Stickers.

Long and strong and down to get the friction on; with Art Primo's Pen15 Hard Body technology, cutty tags are not a problem. You can alternate between chisel and bullet by flipping the nib, you too can be part of The Members Only Club.

Use this on slaps, stickers and whatever graffiti or street art you want to do. King taggers know that these kill with Hello my Name is Stickers. Best for tags, throwies and other graffiti or graff depending on how cool you are.