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Apathy - 'Where's Your Album?!!' [CD]
Apathy - 'Where's Your Album?!!' [CD]
Apathy - 'Where's Your Album?!!' [CD]
Apathy - 'Where's Your Album?!!' [CD]


Where's Your Album?!!


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It's a shame that Apathy has been dealt the same cards that a lot of indie artist have been- that major label screwing. It seems like it's been years since Ap signed with Atlantic and years later we're still waiting on the album. To get you out of this state of ennui is Where's Your Album?!!, a collection of 22 brand new tracks from one of CT's finest. Clearly an anticipatory address to Atlantic, this mixtape full-length is laden with freestyles and Apathy's satirical verses, as well new beats from Kanye West, DJ Khalil, and of course, the man himself. Believe that you'll find plenty of punchlines and well-crafted lyricism as Ap has enlisted a bunch of his Demigodz friends to come out and play.
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