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<!--120070911010229-->Archetype - 'Bleed For Them' [CD]
<!--120070911010229-->Archetype - 'Bleed For Them' [CD]
<!--120070911010229-->Archetype - 'Bleed For Them' [CD]
<!--120070911010229-->Archetype - 'Bleed For Them' [CD]


Bleed For Them




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Archetype (I.D. and Nezbeat) started recording in 1997 on broken equipment in a dirty basement in Lawrence, Kansas. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, Archetype began to receive recognition as they've performed live with Hip Hop greats and favorites such as KRS-One, Pharcyde, Mobb Deep, Ugly Duckling, Murs, Brother Ali, and even hit the road themselves for a nationwide tour with Mac Lethal and Approach playing intimate shows to very responsive crowds. Archetype's appeal ranges past just Hip Hop fans as they've shared the stage with indie-rock stars such as The Appleseed Cast and Minus Story.
MC I.D. has been featured in XLR8R and Scratch Magazine. His 2005 Mush Record's Debut "Displacement" (with producer Sleeper) reached number 8 on the CMJ Charts. Producer/ MC Nezbeat has done production for Murs and Mac Lethal ("Women Of Scribble Jam") and Approach ("Ultra-Proteus") and is featured on many of Mac Lethal's debut coming soon on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The duo's self-released debut "Freehand Formula" was received with critical acclaim and became a cornerstone of the burgeoning Kansas City/Lawrence Hip Hop scene. The release of Archetype's sophomore LP, "Bleed For Them" on Dekagon Records signifies the next chapter in the group's development; playing on an ever-widening range of influence and creativity to produce unique and interesting music reminiscent of Hip Hop's golden era, yet suggestive of a wide open future.
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